The Trio Accessible will speak and report changes in load to ensure you as the home owner are kept informed of the current energy levels in your home.

How frequently will my device speak?

When on the home screen and while the screen is on (i.e. not during sleep time), the display shall report the new load as reported by the electricity or gas smart meters

•             This change shall not be repeated within 60 seconds from when the last load was reported

•             If the load changes during that 60 seconds, then the new load shall be reported after the 60 seconds are over.

•             If the load is in the RED area, then the audio shall be repeated after one minute and then every 10 minutes

How can I stop the device speaking?

You can interrupt the speech at any time by pressing the top button (middle LED).

This button also functions as a repeat button if you would like to hear something again. Speech can be turned on and off by long pressing the top button.

Even if speech is turned off, pressing this button will speak the current state of the speech setting. 

For further speech settings, including how to adjust the volume and repeat options can be viewed and changed in the Talking options screen (Menu > Settings > Talking options

Will the speech function work when the screen is asleep?

When the display is off / asleep the speech function will not work and the device will not talk. You can review the display sleep times under: Menu > Settings >Display.