Connecting the power supply
Connect the power supply to your Trio. Your Display will turn on automatically when plugged into the mains. You should always leave your Display connected to the power supply. You can configure the screen to dim or sleep at certain times of the day. (Menu > Settings > Display) The power supply is made exclusively for the Trio Display and must not be used with other devices. 

Built-in rechargeable battery
Your Display is fitted with a rechargeable battery. It comes fitted with a battery tab which should be removed (your installer may already have done this). To remove the tab, remove the stand and pull it out. When operating on battery power, the banner bar will show the battery symbol (BATTERY SYMBOL). It’s advisable to power the Display with the supplied power supply and to not use batteries for a prolonged period. 

Smart meter connection
Each time the Display is connecting to the smart meter it will give an audible notification, speak and show Connecting to smart meter… this can take up to five minutes. It may take up to one hour after the initial setup for the gas consumption to show on the screen.