Accessible Display overview

Your Trio will help you manage and visualise your energy – helping you on the way to optimum energy efficiency and maximum cost savings.

The Trio shows energy use for electricity and gas smart meters and will have been configured to work with the meters you have installed, which may be electricity, gas or both.


The Trio has seven buttons, three on the left, three on the right and one on the top. 

The buttons on the left are from top to bottom:

(1) Home button 

Press to return to the Home screen.

(2) Back button

Press to return to the previous screen

(3) Left arrow button 

Press to navigate to the previous item on the screen (e.g. in a menu or where there are several tabs, e.g. on the home screen)

The buttons on the right are from top to bottom:
(4) Menu button.

Press to go to the menu.
(5) Okay button.

Press to select an item (e.g. in the menu) or to change an underlined item (e.g. change between cost or energy consumption)
(6) Right arrow button. 

Press to navigate to next item on the screen. 

There are three LEDs on the top, the middle one is also a button:

(7) The three LEDs show your electricity usage (green/left for low, amber/middle for medium or red/right for high), if gas only install these LEDs will not be on.

The middle LED is also a button to interrupt or repeat the speech. A long press will turn the speech on or off.