In the same way your car shows how fast your car is travelling, the electricity speedometer on the left of the Home screen shows how much electricity your home is consuming now.

Similarly, the flame shows you how much gas has been consumed within the past 30 minutes. The electricity speedometer is updated every few seconds and the gas flame every 30 minutes.

To make it even easier to understand the rate of consumption, the Trio can show the rate of consumption in cost per hour (£) and energy or power (kW).

For example, if the Display says £0.15 for the rate of electricity consumption, then this means that if the rate remained the same it would cost 15p for the next hour.

Don’t worry if now and again the usage is high - this can be normal.

Your electricity usage varies as things are switched on and off in your house.

Electricity usage can be low (green), medium (orange) or high (red). Boiling a kettle for example will mean for a short period of time your house usage will be medium (orange); in the evening or morning time it might also be medium (orange)- this is perfectly normal.

If you have electric or storage heating, then it is possible to see high usage (red) when the heating is being used.

During other periods the usage should be low (green), especially when you are heading to bed.