The Home screen is broken down into two or three tabs- from left to right- NowToday and Prepay. The prepay tab is only shown if electricity or gas is in prepayment mode. 

Press the arrow buttons (LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW SYMBOLS) to navigate between the tabs Now, Today or Prepay (when in prepayment mode). The Prepay tab is only shown when one of the meters is in Prepay mode.

The yellow box highlights the tab you are on, in the example below the Now screen. 

Press OK to switch between cost per hour (£/hr) and energy usage now in kilowatts (kW). 

Press the top-button (middle LED) to repeat the speech.


You can also, at any time, press the home button (HOME BUTTON SYMBOL) on the Display to return to the Home screen. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the Display will return to this screen. When you next return to the Home screen from other screens, the previously selected tab will automatically be shown, and the screen information spoken.