The Overview screen is designed to give you a snapshot of what is happening now, and what has happened today (shown for each fuel type available). The Overview screen has several widgets, some are expandable and show more information, and some change colour dynamically like the home screen.

By default, all the widgets are collapsed. If you expand one, the app will remember you have expanded it, and which widget you were looking at. If you have electricity and gas smart meters, then two overview screens will be shown.

Information shown includes:

  • What is being used now in Watts (W), or kilowatts (kW), along with the associated cost per hour
  • How much has been used today in kilowatt hours (kWh) and cost (£)
  • How much of your budget has been used today
  • Your meter balance (how much you have used in £ for a specific period) - often this is linked to your billing period.
  • Your tariff/s, standing charge and meter balance

The MORE DETAILS link allows further breakdown of energy usage my Days, Weeks or Months (See the Budget details screen for further information).